On The Town – Putt-Putt Golf


    It’s a funky little place, open late, where you can
    reclaim the best of childhood.

    Putt-Putt Entertainment is an entertainment
    center with batting cages, 54 holes of miniature
    golf, an arcade and snack bar.
    The center is open until 11 p.m. Sunday to
    Thursday and until 1 a.m. Friday and Saturday,
    giving you plenty of time to meander your way
    through the various larger than life statues of
    zoo animals.
    Although there is no TCU discount, there are
    daily discounts.
    The most notable of these discounts are Three
    Dollar Thursday, when a round of golf costs
    only $3, and Monday Madness, when unlimited
    golf, a small drink and 40 arcade tokens
    costs $8.
    Located at 7001 Calmont Ave. near the Ridgemar
    Mall, Putt-Putt Entertainment is virtually
    impossible to get to without a car or cab, which
    gives you a great excuse to ask that cute guy
    or girl for a ride.
    Once arriving at Putt-Putt Entertainment, patrons
    walk past a large arcade. The games and
    the potential prizes mostly target the elementary
    to late middle school age range.
    However, at about a quarter per token with discounts
    beginning at the $10 range, the cost of
    the arcade is decent.

    The snack bar selection is normal for an entertainment
    center, but at $2 a hotdog, you may
    want to bring your own food.
    Outside, the miniature golf course is very cute,
    with statues of zoo animals and fun colors.
    The 54 holes don’t list a par, so those who
    enjoy the challenge of trying to sink their ball
    in a lower than average number of shots will
    instead have to be content with competing
    for the lowest score among their friends. Each
    hole is also somewhat shorter than an average
    miniature golf course, so if you’re looking
    to prolong a date, you may want to play
    multiple games.

    The cost of golfing per individual is $6.95 for
    one game, $8.95 for two and $9.95 for three
    The batting cages are Putt-Putt Entertainment’s
    best asset.
    The cost of batting is about $1 per token and
    each token is 18 pitches. Discounts start at $5
    and pitch speeds range from 35 to 80 mph.
    The cages can be rented 48 hours in advance
    for $15 per half hour or $25 per hour, which
    may be the best option to avoid competing for
    time with Little Leaguers.