Online Exclusive!!! Frogs down Lumberjacks, win second straight


    The Horned Frog men’s basketball has a winning record two games into the season after practicing for only a month. The Frogs defeated the Stephen F. Austin Lumberjacks in Daniel-Meyer Coliseum Tuesday night with a score of 59-53.

    Neil Dougherty, the head coach, said what stood out to him the most was the effort the players put in. He said they played hard and that the fullest potential of that effort has not been seen.

    Another thing he said stood out to him was there were no leaders.

    “I don’t think I have ever been involved in a game that we won, as an assistant or a head coach, that we had no one score double figures,” Dougherty said.

    Kevin Langford, a sophomore forward, said these statistics show how complete the team is.

    “I think that says a lot for how far our team has come,” Langford said.

    Dougherty said a characteristic of this team could be that it will be able to get help from a lot of different players, instead of relying on a few.

    The Frogs maintained the lead for most of the game after the Lumberjacks scored the first point. The score was tied twice in the first two minutes.

    Dougherty said the team is a young team that needs to work on the basics among other things.

    “Right now I’m preaching to the guys that we’ll take effort, effort, effort over execution,” Dougherty said.

    He said he really likes how the team works with each other, care about each other and come to each other’s defenses.

    “They’re just anxious to go out and prove that they can become something,” Dougherty said.

    Langford said there are advantages and disadvantages to having a young team.

    “The freshman have to grow up quick,” Langford said. “The advantage is they’ve got one job and that’s to hustle.”

    This puts the team at an advantage because they push hard, Langford said

    In this game the players had trouble with foul shots making 57.1 percent in the first half and 47.6 percent in the second, according to the final statistics.

    The Frogs faltered in fatigue, Dougherty said.

    “I think the free-throw line will turn out to be one of our strengths before the season’s over,” Dougherty said.

    The Frogs had a small team at times with four guards on the court at once.

    Brent Hackett, a junior guard, said this did hurt them but it can be fixed.

    “Our toughness and everything we can do with that will make up for being small,” Hackett said.

    Another issue that showed was not being settled in the offense. This contradicts the defensive tactic of the Frogs which is an “all out harassment”, Dougherty said.

    Dougherty said when Luke Tauscher comes back from a lower back injury he could be a surprise success after the progress he has already made.

    Tauscher could come back as early as a few games before Christmas, or as late as the start of conference games, Dougherty said.