Online Exclusive!!! Nursing school celebrates 60th anniversary


    A milestone event comes to the Harris College of Nursing and Health Sciences this weekend. The school of nursing will hold its 60th Anniversary celebration Saturday, October 21 and follow the theme “TCU Nursing: Connecting to the Past, Creating the Future.”

    The event will take place all day, beginning at TCU and ending with a sit-down dinner at the Fort Worth Club in the evening, according to the press release.

    Some activities during the day include, a speech about genetics, a tour of the nursing facilities and a chance to look at some of the hospital simulator labs in the department, Paulette Burns, dean of the nursing school said.

    “The guests are able to try and participate in our simulation labs which are made to create a hospital room,” Burns said.

    The genetics speech starts the day at 10 a.m. and will be presented by Dr. Dennis Cheek, Abell-Hanger Professor of Gerontological Nursing.

    “My speech will be about the uses of genetics and nursing,” Cheek said.

    He said some of his speech will discuss how to get genetics into the nursing curriculum and how nurses use genetics in their job fields.

    Distinguished guests at the event include Charlotte Pierce, a 1963 alumna who will be the Mistress of Ceremonies at the dinner and current Harris School of Nursing alumni President Susie Hood, Burns said.

    “We are looking forward to reuniting the alumni and celebrating the past and future,” Burns said.

    Students from the Harris Associates organization will help with registration and giving tours of the nursing school, Burns said.

    An estimated 200 guests will partake in Saturday’s festivities.

    “The last time we had an event of this size was during our 50th anniversary celebration,” Burns said.