Online Exclusive!!! Students fast to raise money for hunger relief fund


    The TCU Muslim Student Association is hosting TCU’s first annual Fast-A-Thon today to raise money for the West Africa Food Relief Fund.Participants will fast from sunrise to sundown, meaning they will abstain from consuming all types of food and beverage.

    Danielle Richter, president of the Muslim Student Association, said fasting is an opportunity to practice self-discipline and a reminder to not take for granted our privileged way of life.

    “You fast so that you feel the pain of the hungry so that you contribute more to charity,” Richter said.

    Observers of Ramadan, an Islamic holiday that lasts from Sept. 23 until Oct. 22, also fast from sunrise to sundown but for an entire month.

    The Fast-A-Thon acts as a way for non-Muslims to appreciate Ramadan and Muslim culture, Richter said.

    Senior political science major Mallory Bolduc, a registered participant for the Fast-A-Thon, said fasting will be easy because the idea behind it is so powerful.

    “Having the Fast-A-Thon reminds us of the Muslim community and is an opportunity to practice restraint and self-control,” Bolduc said. “It’s also a chance to feel the pain hungry people in the world feel, if only for a day.”

    Freshman radio-TV-film major Ricky Anderson said he will be participating in the Fast-A-Thon because he agrees with the cause.

    The conclusion of the fasting will be celebrated by a banquet in Smith Hall room 104 at 6:30 p.m. today.

    Participants in the Fast-A-Thon will break their fast together by dining on authentic Arabian food that will be provided during the banquet.