Organization recognizes university for contributions


    TCU made history in the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce when it became the first academic institution to win the Spirit of Enterprise Award in the 30 years of the award’s existence.The Spirit of Enterprise Award recognizes local businesses for their contributions to the development of the city of Fort Worth, said Larry Lauer, vice chancellor for marketing and communication.

    “Overall, TCU has become more aware that being a part of a great city helps make the university a greater university and vice versa,” Lauer said. “We’ve been working on that partnership, and it’s been recognized in this award.”

    The MBA program was ranked 18th among the nation’s regional programs, one of the reasons TCU was selected for this award Lauer said.

    Dan Short, dean of the School of Business, said he believes the award improved TCU’s image.

    “We are definitely a hot school in Fort Worth,” said Short. “I suppose that anything that enhances our credibility in Fort Worth would make us hotter.”

    The chamber also noted the School of Business because they work with them through internships, said Marilyn Gilbert, executive vice president of marketing for the Fort Worth Chamber of Commerce.

    TCU’s arts programs were also noted in the chamber newsletter.

    “Virtually every major arts organization in the city started at TCU at one time or another,” Lauer said.

    The Van Cliburn International Piano Competition and the Latin American Music Festival in April were noted in particular.

    Other programs mentioned are the School of Education’s laboratory schools, KinderFrogs and Starpoint School. TCU’s other academic programs, professors and leadership programs were also recognized.

    One of the major contributions the chamber notes is the plan to improve Berry Street, Gilbert said.

    She added that the $200 million improvements to TCU itself also contribute to the recognition.