OrgSync reduces paperwork and abides by TCU’s green initiatives


    Starting this semester, the Office of Student Organizations will require all university recognized student organizations and their members to register an account with OrgSync, an organization management software. While the new system will no doubt cause initial confusion for organizations, OrgSync seems to have many features that will be beneficial in the long run.

    By storing an organization’s information in one place electronically, OrgSync should reduce excess paperwork, complementing the university’s green initiatives. The system also allows student groups to communicate and share documents. Putting these documents in one place and encouraging communication through OrgSync will help eliminate some of the e-mail inbox clutter that plagues students.

    The software also allows for better transparency in student groups. Tracking information such as the number of organizations and how many members are in each will make it easier to determine where university resources can be spent most effectively among groups with OrgSync accounts.

    Some organization members have reported a few early issues with the system, but any change takes time. As long as the Office of Student Organizations continues to work with students to help them understand the software, OrgSync should prove beneficial for both the university and its students.