Owens needs to get in the game


    Sunday marks the first game of the NFL season for the Dallas Cowboys, and more importantly, Terrell Owens’ debut in Texas with a star on his helmet.Although Owens is a Pro Bowl wide receiver, his attitude will be what takes top billing over a game that could go either way for Dallas.

    The Cowboys play the Jacksonville Jaguars on Sunday, a team that made the playoffs in 2005 on the shoulders of its defense. And, with Dallas’ division getting stronger each year, they will need every win they can muster to at least achieve a wild-card berth.

    With this in mind, they signed Owens following his ‘dishonorable discharge’ from the Philadelphia Eagles after two seasons – one hindered by an ankle injury and the other which found him benched for his attitude to teammates and the entire organization.

    Owens had similar problems with his first NFL team, the San Francisco 49ers. He sparred with then Niners quarterback Jeff Garcia before being traded to the Baltimore Ravens and eventually ending up in Philly.

    And, now in Dallas, Owens still hasn’t improved his attitude.

    During offseason practice, Owens missed a Cowboys’ team-high 61 practices and spent his time riding an exercise bike. He even showed his disregard for the organization by wearing a Team Discovery Tour de France jersey.

    Where does his attitude come from? It’s not a product of being the best.

    Owens has never been a league-high statistical leader at the end of the season. He hasn’t even been the best in the NFC.

    Owens is a loose cannon, whose only appeal is what kind of antics he will perform both on and off the field. If he is sincere about wanting to help the Cowboys, he’d better not return to the exercise bike and be sure to find a way to get along with his teammates and coach.

    Otherwise, Owens will be calling a moving company for the third time in four years.

    Sports editor Mike Dodd for the editorial board.