PC to host interpreting dreams presentation


    Dream catchers and crystal balls may be a thing of the past, but students can still get a look into what their dreams mean at 7 p.m. Wednesday in the Brown-Lupton Student Center Lounge.Programming Council is hosting a presentation about dreams with speaker and dream interpreter Greg Hoeflicker.

    “A lot of people are really bothered about their dreams,” Hoeflicker said. “It’s a pleasure of mine to help interpret these dreams and explain why they are having them.”

    Hoeflicker said when he was a teen, he was bothered by a recurring dream. He sought help in interpreting that dream and realized the subject was intriguing to him.

    “(The dream interpreter) told me more about myself in five minutes than anyone else who knew me had,” Hoeflicker said. “I wanted to have that kind of insight for myself.”

    Hoeflicker said he studied for 12 years with a nonprofit educational organization studying and practicing techniques about dreams, and now he is traveling across the country to talk about this subject.

    “I hope to make (students) aware that their dreams really are about them,” Hoeflicker said. “In order to grow in life, one of the first steps is knowing who you are, and your dreams help you determine that.”

    Alina Tennie, Programming Council director of lectures, forums and films, said this event is geared toward the entire TCU campus and is something students would be able to relate to.

    “The topics range from what dreams are to why we really need sleep.” Tennie said. “After talking about dreams and focusing the mind with power of visualization, he will interpret some dreams from audience members.”

    Hoeflicker said the most common dreams among college students are about dying or being chased and attacked.

    Tennie said students will learn tips on how to understand their own dreams.

    “Throughout the program, (Hoeflicker) will be mentioning different activities that students can do in order to remember more detail,” Tennie said. “They will be taught how to learn things in a fraction of the time, the power of visualization exercises and how to use your subconscious mind to give you moments of clarity.”

    Many students said they are excited about the event and said they have put hours of hard work into making this event a success.

    “A lot of preparation goes into the event,” said Giovanni Guerra, a freshman political science major. “I believe there will be a good turn out at the presentation.”

    Tennie said students can enjoy sparkling punch and gourmet desserts during the presentation.

    “After you eat dinner, you should drop by the Student Center lounge and have dessert and have your dreams interpreted,” Tennie said.