Police: Women robbed behind nearby store


    Fort Worth police don’t have a suspect in an ongoing investigation of a reported robbery of two students behind a nearby convenience store, police spokesman Lt. Paul Henderson said Wednesday.

    Two female students were robbed Tuesday night at about 10:40 p.m. at a parking lot behind the 7-Eleven at Berry Street and South University Drive, according to a Fort Worth Police Department report.

    Jenna Harris and Briana Steger said they froze when they saw the suspect had his hand in his pants pocket. The women said they thought he could have been holding a weapon.

    Harris, a sophomore movement science major, said the two had exited their vehicle and were talking before the suspect approached them and demanded they drop their purses.

    “I started to hear mumbling from a guy walking toward us,” Harris said. “Then he said, ‘You know what’s going on. Give me your stuff.’ We just stood there at first in shock.”

    According to police reports, the suspect is a 6-foot bald man in his late 20s with a goatee. Harris and Steger said he was wearing a white shirt, blue jeans and tan boots.

    Steger, a freshman pre-major, said it happened suddenly, and without thought, they complied with the suspect’s orders.

    The two students said there was another friend with them who was not robbed because she did not have a bag or wallet with her.

    The suspect stole a tan wallet from Harris containing a debit and credit card and $20, according to a police report. He also stole sunglasses and a wallet with a Social Security card, check book, ATM card, debit card and $70 from Steger, the report showed.

    “Being in that position, even if I had a weapon, I don’t think I could have pulled it out,” Steger said. “You just don’t have time to make a move. I knew I should just do what he told me.”

    Steger and Harris said they immediately called the police and canceled their credit and debit cards. Harris said the suspect managed to charge $50 to her credit card before it was deactivated.

    “None of it really hit me until we were all back in the car and calling the police,” Harris said. “I would wait to get out of the car so quickly in the future.”

    TCU Police Sgt. Kelly Ham said robberies such as these typically don’t occur that often on or close to campus, though he said he did not have exact figures.

    Staff reporter Landon Dinnin contributed to this report.