Professors offer valuable insight


    I’ve heard it more than once or twice: TCU stands out from other schools due to many things, but one is the faculty-to-student ratio that leads to closer and more personal attention for the students.

    It’s a natural reaction of mine to boast about the relationship between students and teachers when comparing TCU to big public schools. Frankly, I love coming from a school where the professors know their students’ names. Even more, they know what organizations they’re involved in or where they’re from.

    The teacher-scholar model is not a well-known tool among students, but it does not go unnoticed that the professors here are genuinely devoted to the success of their students. Go take advantage of it. It’s uncommon enough for the professors of a successful and nationally known university to personally know their students, but it should be even more uncommon for students to not take the opportunity when it is handed to them. Heck, it might even land you a job or internship opportunity.

    For questions or concerns about class, graduation or the job market, it only makes sense to go to your most reliable source.

    News editor Kerri Feczko for the editorial board.