Proposed minor opens opportunities


    The presence of the Barnett Shale in the freshmen parking lot has taken some getting used to for students, but it has largely been considered a plus because of the positive impact it has on the local economy.

    With the possible addition of an energy technology and management minor – emphasizing preparation for the petroleum industry – the Barnett Shale could take a new level of importance for students.

    The minor could provide an upper hand for students interested in entering the petroleum profession, which now has a strong local and global presence.

    The minor has already been approved by the College Committee and will be proposed to the Undergraduate Council on Friday.

    Along with the positives the minor offers students, the school’s timely proposal and possible addition is equally impressive.

    With the local formations of the Barnett Shale, this minor could not have come at a better time.

    If the Undergraduate Council approves the minor, TCU will become an attractive university for businesses looking for employees with knowledge of petroleum exploration.

    It also opens up TCU to prospective students looking to enter the petroleum field.

    The potential minor would include classes in the business and economics departments as well as a new geology class.

    No longer an inconveniencing distraction, the Barnett Shale has opened up new doors for TCU students and prospective students.