Psychological thriller worth admission price


    Nothing is as it seems, and the truth can be made up of lies. “Perfect Stranger” is a myriad of complex lies, secrets and the constant changing of identities. How far do people really go to protect themselves, their pasts, and their futures?

    Rowena Price (Halle Berry) goes undercover to investigate Harrison Hill (Bruce Willis), in relation to her friend’s murder. Miles Hailey (Giovanni Ribisi, “Gone in 60 Seconds”) plays Rowena’s Guy Friday, and he lends his support, friendship and technical savvy – along with some creepy sexual innuendo.

    Director James Foley is not a stranger to directing psychological thrillers (“Fear”) and is one of the best at showing the flawed human element. The characters in “Perfect Stranger” are not without imperfections, and he does a good job capturing the intricacies of living double lives.

    This film may not be a cinematic masterpiece, nor will Berry be seeing another Oscar win for it – though her performance was well done. That being said, this film is suspenseful and full of twists and turns; not all of them are obvious.

    “Perfect Stranger” opens worldwide today. Meet some friends or go on a date with your honey this weekend and check it out. It’s worthy of an evening admission ticket at the movie theater.