Q & A: Kriegler Blank


    Why did you choose to come to TCU from South Africa?I came to get an education. The tennis facilities were nice and the tennis team was really good. The coaches were also really nice.

    Growing up in South Africa, who were your tennis role models?

    Wayne Ferreira was one of the best South African tennis players. But that is also a reason why I came to the United States because the tennis in South Africa is going down. The competition is not that strong. There is a lot more competition and variety in America.

    What are some of the adjustments you have made coming to the United States?

    To be honest, I am a little homesick. Just talking Afrikaans (the language ) and the type of food. Here, I eat a lot of double cheeseburgers and fries. I eat a lot of Whataburger and Taco Bell and other unhealthy foods. Also some of our social things when you go out. Rap is a big thing in America and not a big thing in South Africa. Just small things, the language, the food.

    What do you like about being at TCU?

    I have been to a couple of other universities in America traveling with the tennis team. Our facilities are one of the most beautiful. TCU is also a strong educational school and I will get a good education. There are nice people all around.

    What do you do before every match?

    Some people call it meditating but I just visualize and try to stay positive.

    What is the biggest tennis moment of your career?

    Winning the South African National Championships, under 16. That was one of my most memorable moments.

    If you weren’t playing tennis, what other sport would you want to play?

    In South Africa, we have a sport called cricket.

    Is cricket similar to baseball?

    Yes it is sort of similar. I played it in high school and was pretty good. I would probably do that. It is not like football or rugby that are so intense.

    Who is the best opponent you have ever faced?

    I would have to say Christopher Haggard. He is a top doubles player in the world. I played against him in a singles match. He made it to the semifinals of doubles in the Australian Open.