Quick Sports: Tennis, rugby and lacrosse teams compete this weekend


    Weekend match a preview of things to come for club tennis

    The club tennis team will be playing at the Baylor Warm-Up in Waco on Saturday in what will be a preview of sectionals later this spring season.

    The events include men’s and women’s singles and doubles with TCU challenging three different colleges in match play.

    This weekend’s tournament lives up to its name, said junior Megan Dewar, as a lot of the same teams like Texas A&M University and the University of Texas at Austin will face off against TCU at sectionals.

    Dewar said they can’t gauge individual competitor’s performances because the club teams often have different members at each meet.

    “We just go out there with an open mind and play the best we can play,” Dewar said.

    Lacrosse team looks to change minds

    The men’s lacrosse team will play the University of North Texas on Friday in what junior Steele Struble called a “huge division game.”

    Struble said he sees it as a rallying cry to change the Lone Star Alliance conference’s perception of the team with a win this weekend. Injuries and other problems have dogged the team in the past, but this game is just another test for them, Struble said.

    Friday’s game will be only time they play the highly-touted North Texas team this season, and not too far into the spring season, the group intends to make an impression, he said.

    “We’ve kind of been considered a joke in the past couple of years but now we are starting to get our respect and if we win Friday we’ll undoubtedly gain that respect,” Struble said.

    Rugby team ready for a Valentine’s victory

    For such a sentimental day as Valentine’s Day, the stage is set for some hard-hitting rugby as the team plays Angelo State University at home.

    With the season winding down, senior captain Michael Sheffield said the outcome of the game will not only affect their Division II standings, but also play a pivotal role in who has home-field advantage when quarterfinals roll around the last week of February.

    Senior Chris Carlin said the game is not only important for its playoff implications, but also for its impact on the other teams in their conference.

    “San Angelo, at least as long as I’ve been here, they’ve been pretty much beating down on us and we really want to take it to them this time and show them we deserve to be the best team in our division,” Carlin said.