RadioShack burglary is latest in string of break-ins


    A robber broke into the RadioShack on the corner of West Berry Street and Greene Avenue Friday around 5:30 a.m., a store employee said.

    Ashton Worthan, manager of the store, said the only thing stolen was a 32-inch television. The Fort Worth Police Department’s Web site had reports for seven different burglaries at the Greene location since Februrary.

    Worthan said he thought the burglaries could be related.

    “It was just one person this time, but they usually come in groups of two,” Worthan said. “It’s usually different people, but they come in the same way so I’m thinking that they might be working together.”

    The robbers entered the store by pushing the glass on the door forward until it created a space big enough for someone to crawl through. Worthan said the glass used on the door was held together by a clear film that prevented it from shattering.

    Sergeant Chad Mahaffey of the Fort Worth Police Department said the department has not made any arrests in the case.

    Mahaffey said he estimated the television to be about $600 in value. He declined to comment whether or not the FWPD recovered a surveillance video.

    Sergeant Kelly Ham of the TCU Police Department said campus police would not be involved in the investigation.