Ready, break!


    After years of griping, complaining and petitioning, the administration has finally given us another day for both Fall and Thanksgiving breaks.We are glad many students will benefit from the calendar change, and the University Council should be commended for implementing it.

    However, for some students, this is too little, too late.

    Now that the rules are different, many of the students who fought for the change are graduating, and they will never see the fruit of their efforts.

    For years, these students have braved holiday traffic while driving on Thanksgiving Day just to be home for a couple days. And for some students, the only way to go home for holidays was either to fly or to skip classes and drive.

    For others, especially those with on-campus jobs, no amount of time was enough to allow them to go home because many had to work the day before Thanksgiving.

    This added time is a welcome addition to the university’s calendar that will benefit everyone at the school. The extra day, strategically placed in the last big break before finals, will help alleviate a little stress.

    The fight for this change, however, has been raging longer than most students have been at TCU. A litany of columns and house-editorials have been devoted to the subject.

    Why did it take so long for the administration to hear students’ cries?

    The painless change could have been made much sooner when concerns first arose.

    In the future, university officials should put more stock in students’ concerns, especially when a remedy is simple and warranted.

    At a school as busy and intense as TCU, free time is coveted, especially if it involves seeing loved ones, laundry facilities and free food.

    On face value, asking for more days off may have seemed like a whiny complaint, but, in reality, it was a valid concern.

    Brian Wooddell for the Editorial Board.