Recurring Battle


    Kimmy Daycock fought cancer while
    in diapers.
    At two years old, Daycock, a sophomore
    news-editorial journalism major,
    was diagnosed with clear cell sarcoma,
    a rare form of childhood cancer.
    Emergency surgery removed the cancer
    and her right kidney, and left the toddler
    with a scar that stretched across
    her torso from hip to hip. Ten days
    of radiation and five years of chemotherapy
    At five, Daycock’s cancer was in
    remission. But that didn’t stop the
    Her first surgery created scar tissue
    that led to an obstruction when she was
    seven, virtually cutting off her intestines.
    They followed surgery resulted
    in another scar, this one vertical.
    After this obstruction, Daycock’s
    bout with cancer and subsequent surgeries
    were considered a successful
    battle, long over 8212; until last December
    when she spent Christmas Eve over
    her toilet bowl.
    “I woke up at midnight because I
    didn’t feel well. I was pretty sure I
    had eaten too much Christmas dinner,”
    Daycock said. “But then, from
    about 2:30 to 5:30, I just threw up the
    whole time.”
    After an early-morning trip to the
    emergency room, she was given strong
    medication and sent home. Daycock
    finished Christmas with her family and
    joined the Horned Frog Marching Band
    in cheering on TCU at the Houston
    Bowl. But her illness was only a harbinger
    of what was to come.
    The day after she returned home
    to Round Rock, Texas, Daycock was
    unable to finish her shift at work
    because of her pain.
    Having been through a similar situation
    with Daycock 12 years before,
    her parents knew what to do. A trip
    back to the emergency room confirmed
    their fears &- another obstruction in
    Daycock’s intestines.
    A three-hour surgery unblocked multiple
    obstructions, removed damaged
    intestines and moved organs out of the
    void where her right kidney had once
    been. Daycock was told she would be
    home after three days of recovery.
    She celebrated the New Year in the
    hospital with her family, apple juice
    and green Jello.
    Soon after, Daycock suffered an
    allergic reaction to a drug intended
    to jump-start her digestive system, adding
    several days to her stay.
    By this time, Daycock hadn’t eaten
    in ten days and weighed 86 pounds.
    Diane Daycock spent her days and
    nights at the hospital with her daughter
    while her husband, Steve Daycock,
    juggled his job and taking care of Kimmy’s
    sister. In between sleeping and
    watching nine seasons of America’s
    Next Top Model with her mom, Daycock
    also had plenty of visitors.
    Daycock said the visitors made it
    easier to endure the long days she
    spent confined to bed.
    “It was depressing in the hospital,”
    she said. “It was so much disappointment.
    I have no idea what I would’ve
    done if my friends hadn’t been there.
    It definitely kept my hopes up.”
    By the following Sunday &- the day
    before she was supposed to start school
    &- her problems seemed to be subsiding,
    and Daycock had worked her way
    up to soft foods.
    Daycock won’t be fully recovered
    for several months, but she quickly
    resumed her normal activities.
    “The doctor told her that he wanted
    her to take it easy and only do school,
    but I wasn’t surprised when she called
    and told me she had just been salsa
    dancing,” Diane Daycock said. “She’s
    just such a strong young lady, and she’s
    she’s made it through it all.”