Reed Hall construction doesn’t warrant layoffs


    Peter and a couple of the other loved Edens and Deco Deli employees are back.

    TCU did a great job bringing back some employees and finding them jobs after an unexpected early close of the two restaurants. But unfortunately, five were laid off.

    In the decision to close the restaurants for preparation to renovate Reed Hall and the new Brown-Lupton University Union, Dining Services left five people wondering what to do for the remainder of the semester.

    Leiga Abato, marketing manager for Dining Services, said employees for Dining Services are hired on a seasonal basis, meaning it hires employees based on the campus’ volume of students at a particular time of year.

    She said employees know coming into the food industry that they will have jobs if there is a need for it. As they are employed on a college campus, more workers are needed during the school year than the summer so Dining Services seasonally lays off people during the summer and re-hires them when the school year starts again.

    Dining services at other universities work in the same way, Abato said. Because we are in the middle of the semester, it seems that it will be difficult for the five who were laid off to find another job.

    Even though there was a chance of not being hired for the summer season, the workers lost two month’s of pay they could have had, and probably expected.

    It wasn’t their fault they lost their jobs, and the only consolation these workers have is that there is a possibility of being hired in the new student union.

    In the meantime, maybe they will find a job, or if they have a second job, maybe they can pick up more hours there.

    But it should not matter how the seasons work – laying off five people to start construction is not OK. Renovations could have waited, even though there is a planned timeline, it would have been considerate to hold off construction on Reed Hall until the semester was over.

    With the face of the campus constantly changing, the faces that are familiar are always nice to see.

    Students develop relationships with the workers on campus, and the closing ceremony of Edens and Deco Deli proved how much the workers there are loved.

    Words like “What bread?” and “croutons?” are a mere echo, and although some familiar faces are still at TCU, the ones who aren’t will be missed.

    Opinion editor Ana Bak is a junior news-editorial and political science major from Quito, Ecuador.