Religious leader named honorary Horned Frog


    The Catholic bishop of Fort Worth was made an honorary Horned Frog by Chancellor Victor Boschini while celebrating the Bishop’s second visit to TCU on Sunday. After his ordination at Daniel-Meyer Coliseum in July 2005, Bishop Kevin Vann came back to celebrate Mass in the Brown-Lupton Student Center Ballroom.”I can’t think of a better way to finish my day than to be here with you,” Vann said.

    Vann went to the Mass because he wanted to meet the students and Boschini, and he wanted to learn more about the people in his diocese, said Father Charlie Calabrese, TCU’s Catholic priest.

    Many TCU students, faculty and staff, as well as people from the community, came to worship. Half of the Student Center Ballroom was filled with attendees of the Mass.

    “It was great that the Bishop was able to take time out of his busy schedule to celebrate Mass with us,” said Amy Schwalm, a senior psychology major. “It shows that he cares about being involved with and learning more about the Fort Worth Diocese and its people.”

    Vann spoke at Mass about the Feast Day of Christ the King and how Jesus can help people with difficult decisions.

    Co-coordinator of Catholic Community and junior religion major Brittney Smith said she was pleased with the special event and Vann’s message.

    “My career path changes every other day, so it was nice to be reaffirmed that God has a plan, some plan, prepared for me,” she said. “I have no idea what (the plan) is, but the Bishop reminded me to stop fretting so much.”

    As a college-aged Catholic, Smith said, she has also faced religious challenges in her daily life.

    “Sometimes it seems difficult to balance church doctrine with modern society trends, but the more I read into what the church teaches I realize that it still applies,” Smith said.

    After the service, Catholic Community representatives gave Vann a Horned Frog figurine and a Catholic Community T-shirt.

    Vann is the third bishop of the Diocese of Fort Worth and is from Springfield, Ill.