Residential Services presents proposed meal plan changes


    Proposed meal plan changes for 2009-2010:

    -Residential Services will add a new feature called Campus Cash. Campus Cash will be similar to Frog Bucks, but the card will not be pre-paid and students will only be able to use Campus Cash at on-campus locations like 1873 Sports Bar & Grill, The Corner Store and Sub Connection. Gold and Platinum meal plans will give students equal amounts of Frog Bucks and Campus Cash, and the Silver meal plan will give students $100 in Campus Cash, but no Frog Bucks.

    Meal card price changes:

    Frog Pass Silver – $100 Campus Cash – $1,819

    Frog Pass Gold – $150 Campus Cash / $150 Frog Bucks – $2,029

    Frog Pass Platinum – $250 Campus Cash / $250 Frog Bucks – $2,189

    In addition to the three meal plans currently offered, students will be able to choose from three new meal plans.

    The Diamond Meal Plan: Offers students unlimited swipes at Market Square, $150 in Campus Cash, and $350 in Frog Bucks. The plan will cost about $2,200.

    The Flex 10 plan: Offered to students living in Worth Hills, it will give students $250 in Frog Bucks and in Campus Cash. Students who buy the Flex 10 plan will be able to eat at Market Square 10 times each week and will cost about $2,150 each semester.

    The Limited 50 plan: Offered to students living in the Tom Brown-Pete Wright apartments. The plan will give students $150 in Frog Bucks and Campus Cash, and 50 meals at Market Square each semester and will cost about $700 each semester.

    -All meal plans will now come with the Simply To Go option, which will allow students to take meals to go with them at breakfast and lunch.

    -The late night options at 1873 Sports Bar & Grill will be updated. Instead of offering a choice of three free dishes, the grill will have a wider selection of $5 items, such as nachos and Mozzarella sticks.

    -Sub Connections will offer a breakfast menu.

    Some physical changes will be made to Market Square:

    -New lights and cabinets will be added, and some of the serving areas will be slightly altered.

    -Market Square will also add a panini press and a second ice cream machine.