Residents recover from wild fire destruction


    Wildfires in West Texas have left many residents recovering from their land being scorched.

    In the Possum Kingdom area alone, more than 150,000 acres burned. Governor Rick Perry requested a disaster declaration in response to the wildfires.

    Farmers and ranchers have lost not only their homes, but also their way of life. Countless cattle and crops as well as antiques and family heirlooms have been lost to the flames. Firefighters have worked tirelessly to keep the remaining fires contained.

    Starting over has been difficult for many residents, but landowners west of Mineral Wells were not alone in their efforts to rebuild. People like Hannah Scheideman, TCU class of 2010, have been proactive by organizing donations for those that were displaced. She has taken donations of everything from food and water to baby wipes and chainsaws, all of which will help to rebuild the lives of West Texans.

    “There are families and entire towns that are being evacuated and they’re living like refugees,” she said. “That breaks my heart because I don’t know what I would do if my home burnt down.”

    Freshman Kacy Rominger gave Scheideman donations from her sorority for fire relief. She said she was happy to help people in need.

    “I mean, any state you’re in, it’s your community, whether it’s close to you or not,” Rominger said. “And just overall, if it were us, we’d want people to be helping us out. That’s what God would want us to do.”



    A map of Texas illustrating the areas hit by recent wild fires, followed by additional footage of fire damage.