RTVF alums earn Emmys


    Two recent TCU graduates’ documentary films have gone to the Emmys – the Lone Star Emmys that is.The Lone Star Emmys are the regional Texas version of the Emmys, said Greg Mansur, the radio-TV-film instructor who taught the students’ documentary film class.

    This was the first time TCU entered the contest, Mansur said.

    “It’s a big deal because we beat out other Texas universities across the state with strong film and news programs,” Mansur said.

    Former radio-TV-film student Chris St. Pierre produced “Detached,” one of the films that won an award.

    St. Pierre said “Detached” is about his efforts to resolve a troubled relationship with his adopted brother.

    “It was supposed to be a positive experience having him live with us,” St. Pierre said. “But at times, it was like a bomb that went off.”

    The film was emotional and healing for the filmmaker, Mansur said.

    St. Pierre said one of the most compelling moments in the film is when he breaks down after sitting on a

    couch and sifting through pictures with images of the two boys smiling.

    It’s interesting when the film producer becomes involved in the story, St. Pierre said.

    “You’re thinking about all the technical things that go into making a film,” St. Pierre said. “But you’re also connected with the story being told.”

    Former radio-TV-film student Chris Greer’s film, “Regeneration,” was the second film to win an award.

    “Regeneration” is about Greer’s sister, Angie, who was diagnosed with macular degeneration and was told she would be blind in a few months, Mansur said.

    The film follows her as she travels to New York City to take what could be her last look at the Big Apple, said Red Sanders, the director of “Regeneration.”

    “Going into the documentary, we hoped to get a glimpse into her struggles to come to terms with her disease,” Sanders said. “However, standing atop the Empire State Building looking over the Sept. 11 aftermath, she reminds us that what we consider significant pales in comparison to the lives that were lost in the terrorist attacks.”

    Sanders said Angie reminds viewers that life is precious and that people shouldn’t let obstacles stand in the way of achieving goals.

    He said the award serves as positive outside validation of the hard work and commitment the team put into the film.

    Receiving the award for “Detached” is acknowledgement that long hours, passion and hard work pay off, said Laura Pici, the director of “Detached.”

    “I think I speak for the whole team when I say that this was more than just a class project for us, especially for Chris,” Pici said. “We all cared deeply about the family.”

    Mansur said students should check out the films, which will be screened Thursday, to see what fellow students are doing.

    “These aren’t students who have been out of school and working for ten years,” Mansur said. “They just graduated last year.”

    The films show and prove what the students can do, Mansur said.