RUF receives new minister


    Reformed University Fellowship is under new leadership after its campus minister of seven years left last spring.Rob Hamby, the new minister for RUF, was interested in moving to another campus when he heard that Dustin Salter, TCU’s former RUF campus minister, was looking to relocate as well. National RUF leadership arranged for the ministers to switch locations, said Lauren Jones, women’s intern for RUF.

    Hamby spent six years at Furman University, where Salter is currently on staff.

    “I’ve been surprised at how much ministry presence there is at TCU,” Hamby said. “I’m excited to see that students want to get involved.”

    Salter was well known and liked by students, but Hamby’s teaching should be enough to gain him trust and admiration, said Cameron Young, a senior graphic design major.

    “No one can really be like Dustin,” he said, “but Rob is good, and I think people really connect with him.”

    Jones said she hopes that students will give the new minister a chance and continue to come to RUF to hear the message.

    “Rob is still getting to know the students and the campus,” she said, “and I think they are positively responding to his leadership.”

    Hamby’s involvement in University Ministries is not going unnoticed, the Rev. Angela Kaufman, minister to the university, said.

    “He is a great addition to the staff,” she said. “We all come from a different background, but we’re all doing the same work.”

    Students are asking tough questions about themselves and their beliefs, which is something RUF addresses, Kaufman said.

    “Ministries, like RUF, offer a place where you can understand these questions and begin to find the answers,” she said.

    Hamby said he is encouraged by the student body at TCU and wants students to understand who they are and how their faiths are real and functioning in their lives. He said even if students are not sure about what they believe in, RUF still aims to help students talk about their faiths.

    “Everybody is looking for answers,” he said.

    Christina Bigley, a junior finance major, said she thinks Hamby shares the truth with students.

    Bigley has been coming to RUF since the first service of her freshman year and says that the ministry offers students a place to belong.

    Hamby said RUF’s message is not based on personal beliefs.

    “RUF is not a ministry based on opinion or ideas,” Hamby said. “It’s based on God’s word.