Rule changes affect club sports travel plans


    TCU sports clubs have new guidelines to follow when it comes to travel and coaches.Among these changes are the need for driver application forms and proof of insurance for cars and drivers. Also, a trip check, which involves getting the car checked by Ewell’s Automotive (paid for by TCU), is now required before every trip, said Cristie Carpenter, assistant director of intramural sports.

    If the sports club has a coach, he or she has to go through a background check, Carpenter said.

    “You never know these days,” Carpenter said.

    She said these new rules are all about ensuring club members’ safety, Carpenter said.

    “These are preventions we take for the students,” Carpenter said.

    These new rule changes restrict what clubs can do, said Joel LaRocca, president of the club inline hockey team.

    “(The rules) are pretty strict, but it makes us safer,” said LaRocca, a junior finance and accounting major.

    The new travel policy makes the process of traveling more stressful, said Matt Munekata, member of the club soccer team.

    “It makes it too much work to travel,” said Munekata, a junior communication studies major.

    The club soccer team recently traveled to Lubbock and currently has plans to go to Albuquerque, NM., Houston and Huntsville, Ala.

    The club inline hockey team will be traveling to Arlington, Denton, Houston and Lafayette, La.

    There are more changes that could be made to the travel guidelines in the future, Munekata said.

    “Students might have to take defensive driving,” he said.

    However, he said he has no specific ideas about what changes could be made in the future.

    “I’m sure they will make some things more strict because of things in the news about clubs in wrecks,” LaRocca said.