Sarah Palin can lead GOP to victory

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    The world of politics is polarizing in many ways. However as candidates are beginning to gear up for the 2012 presidential election, a recent Associated Press poll found that Sarah Palin is overwhelmingly the most polarizing figure that may be running. Why is Palin such a polarizing figure? This is an important question, especially when you consider the fact that she could be the next president of the United States.

    According to the poll, Palin is quite popular among the adults who consider themselves Republicans or right-leaning independents. She is viewed favorably by 79 percent and unfavorably by only 17 percent of those polled from these groups.

    The big factor of this poll that illustrates Palin’s polarization are the results from independent voters. Of those who consider themselves to be independents, only 43 percent of those polled responded to Palin in a favorable way. This is the number that concerns many GOP leaders like Rep. Spencer Bachus of Alabama who believes that Palin cost the GOP the senate because of her backing of tea party candidates.

    Palin continues to be mocked weekly on Saturday Night Live, and she also is mentioned in a negative light daily by many news channels. Most interesting are the ratings of Palin’s new reality TV show, shattering rating records on the TLC network when it debuted last weekend. With her name to be mentioned on so many stations from a negative viewpoint, who would expect her to have so much popularity as illustrated by the ratings of her new show? This is why so many Americans find Palin polarizing: you either love her or you hate her.

    But Palin is attractive to the right and mid-right on the political spectrum. This means that she has a real shot at taking the presidential office in 2012. How can she be so hated yet so loved? This can only be answered by looking at the landscape of America and seeing the giant divide in the ideologies of today’s Americans.

    Will Sarah Palin lead the extreme factions of the Republican party and become dominant in the GOP?

    Palin may not have been educated at Harvard, but quite frankly that’s why she is so attractive. She is not a Harvard-educated brat who has never had a real job like so many politicians are today. She has actual, real-world experience. In my opinion, Palin is winning the political battle at this time. She has gained popularity across the country while at the same time become more hated. The more the far left hates Palin, the better off she will be in 2012.

    Shane Smith is a senior secondary education major from Fort Worth.


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