School has too many pressures


    I’m not going to say I necessarily “hate” school. I’m just really tired of it.Coming back from a Christmas break and facing the beginning of a new semester that is already more stressful than the last, has made me realize just how weary I’ve grown of being in school.

    I am thankful that I’ve had the opportunity to go to college, and yes, I’m aware that not everyone goes, and I should be blessed that I get to, but that still doesn’t mean I have to like it.

    In all honesty, school just isn’t fun. It has been an ongoing battle for me to like it. There are certain classes I have liked, but overall school is a huge stressor that makes my life more difficult.

    There are the typical dislikes with going to school: getting up early, having to do homework, maintaining a job, taking pop quizzes.

    Many of the reasons for my dislike of school can be seen here at TCU. I won’t even start with parking.

    The most frustrating thing about school is the learning process in general. Half of my college career has been learning how to cater to what professors want.

    You learn how to do something a certain way, write an essay, do a math formula and so on, then the next semester you get a new professor who does it a different way.

    It frustrates me to no end to have to continuously adapt to a teacher’s “style” and try to figure out what he or she wants out of me as opposed to what I was taught.

    Many would argue that I should deal with it because my bosses in the future are going to make me do things their way too. And I can accept that.

    But the difference is, I’ll have that job for many years, instead of rotating every four months.

    It’s a constant stressor, which just doesn’t make school the fun environment it ought to be.

    Another thing that I dislike about school is being a transfer student. I came to TCU my junior year, and it hasn’t been kind to me.

    Instead of graduating this spring, I’ll be forced to graduate next winter because I was unable to get into the classes that were required for me.

    This meant I had to take a freshman classes as a junior, thanks to prerequisites that did not allow me to take them elsewhere.

    And I know that school is a place to work and better ourselves; it shouldn’t be about skipping class, partying daily and being lazy. However, I do believe that school shouldn’t make your life hell, and sometimes the demands certain classes place on students leave little time for them to have a social life, let alone any time to relax.

    It cannot possibly be healthy to take 15 to 18 hours of classes, have a test, a 20-page term paper, try to have some free time, maintain a job and deal with all other stresses in life in just one day.

    It’s not because I’m lazy, or because I’m ungrateful for being able to go to college, but because I’m just counting down the days until I graduate, so I can quit. being tired of, well, being tired of school.

    Bobby Ensminger is a senior news-editorial journalism and history major from Fort Worth.