Senior shared experiences survey


    A survey of 50 December graduates revealed what experiences they have shared during their time at the university. Participants were asked to choose from a list of examples in five different categories. Each category had a clear winner, with the majority of graduates surveyed sharing a similar experience.

    1. Around Campus

    December graduates have spent a lot of time looking for parking during their time at the university. The survey revealed 90 percent of graduates polled spent more time looking for parking than they would like, while only 48 percent have rubbed Addy the Frog’s nose before a test, and 44 percent have swung on the Jarvis Hall swing.

    2. In Class

    Sleeping through a class is an experience 94 percent of December grads have in common. Whether an alarm was missed or the cause was sheer exhaustion, sleeping through a class is more common than wasting time in class on Facebook, which 36 percent of graduates have done.

    3. Around Fort Worth

    Two-stepping at Billy Bob’s Texas is a shared experience for 86 percent of December grads. The Thursday night tradition is more popular than going to the rodeo, which garnered 55 percent of votes, and spending a night Sundance Square, which claimed 45 percent of votes.

    4. Football Games

    Survey results show that 84 percent of December grads have worn cowboy boots to a football game. Wearing boots to show pride at games is more common for TCU students than painting up, which 28 percent have done, and rushing the field, in which 46 percent have participated.

    5. Best Places to Eat

    Dutch’s Hamburgers is the winner with December grads for the best place to eat around campus, with 76 percent of voters choosing it as one of their favorites. Fuzzy’s Taco Shop came in second, with Buffalo Bros. trailing close behind.