Seniors reminisce about class projects and trips


    Q: What is the coolest class project or trip you have done?

    Paige Zinrou, anthropology major from Fort Worth

    A: "I studied abroad last semester in Strasbourg, France, and I guess that was my favorite trip just because it was a whole semester where I was away from my element. And I am a French minor so that's a really good reason; I went to learn French better which was my ultimate goal which is what I achieved."

    Luis Gonzalez, accounting major from Arlington

    A: "It's going to sound real boring, but it's one that I did currently. It was actually doing someone's income taxes, so it was really involved. It took me like two weeks to do, but it was really insightful. It was hands on experience which is something I was looking for."

    Kensey Gilbert, political science and writing major from Flower Mound

    A: "I think one of my favorite class projects was for a political science class with Charles Boswell's Urban Issues. We had to choose a current urban policy and discuss the issues and ways we would fix them. It was great research for what one day I could be doing after law school"