SGA creating positive change for all students


    As the fall semester begins, Student Government Association continues to manage progress and lead change.This past spring, SGA established the Activities Funding Board for the purpose of fairly allocating money to student organizations. As a result, requests for funds increased by more than 700 percent, and the AFB was able to distribute $7,700 more than last year.

    The Board is preparing to distribute another $25,000 to student organizations for the spring 2006 semester, so don’t miss the Sept. 26, 2005, deadline.

    Programming Council kicked off the year with Howdy Week.

    The All Sports Pep Rally, Casino Night, and Activities/Volunteer Fair, among others, proved to be a success due to the large crowds of Horned Frogs in attendance. Programming Council is now gearing up for Family Weekend, Homecoming and Holiday Tree Lighting.

    Last spring, Vice President for House Trevor Smith and Hyperfrogs President Lance Kearns presented an alternative tuition plan to the board of trustees.

    Both plan to present an improved plan to the board of trustees in order to emphasize the importance of tuition to the student body. The five student body officers will continue to work diligently to present the students’ tuition concerns to administration, too.

    Last week at the faculty and staff luncheon, I had the privilege of explaining that tuition will be more than $1 million a year in just 41 years if it continues to rise at the rate it has the past two years.

    Finally, a new entrepreneurial idea emerged from my cabinet last year. Ryan Panno and Marlin Gusman plan on leading a group of students, faculty and staff to create an educational entrepreneurship opportunity for students in future years.

    They will be working to raise funds and create a program that gives students from all majors the opportunity to create a business idea and receive start-up capital.

    This great program gives students the opportunity to apply what they have learned in the classroom to a hands-on leadership experience.

    As SGA continues to lead change across our campus, I encourage every member of the student body to join our cause. Leadership opportunities are available in both the House of Student Representatives and Programming Council.

    You have the chance to change TCU. Questions and comments can be directed to

    SGA President Dave Watson is a senior entrepreneurial management major from Lincoln, Neb.