SGA-provided shuttle serves as a safe and efficient opportunity


    The complimentary shuttle rides to and from Cowboys Stadium will provide a safe alternative for students planning to tailgate at the season opener game.

    In an effort to prevent drinking and driving, students should take advantage of the Student Government Association’s shuttle service instead.

    Unlike Cowboys Stadium, Amon G. Carter Stadium does not serve alcohol in its concession stands, so students often tailgate in order to imbibe on game days, but have the whole game to sober up before driving home. At the Oregon State game, however, fans will be able to drink during both the game and tailgating festivities.

    The university’s Greek organizations have required buses for years to transport guests to and from events in an effort to prevent drinking and driving. The SGA-sponsored shuttle system to the Oregon State game is a good effort to minimize potential drunken driving incidents.

    The Fort Worth Transportation Authority will also offer a shuttle service to anyone attending the season opener, not just university students. The T will charge $5 for parking at bus pick-up sites and $10 for a round-trip ticket.

    While the university can not officially do anything to stop drinking and driving, providing a shuttle to the football season opener is one step toward preventing dangerous alcohol-related situations.

    Sports editor Madison Pelletier for the editorial board.