Snow days not yet rescheduled


    With Wednesday classes cancelled due to inclement weather, concerns have arisen about making up the lost school days.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini said the five snow days the university has had this semester are the most he’s ever seen in his time at the university.

    “This has never happened before,” Boschini said. “We don’t know our way around it.”

    The university does not require a set number of days each year, but with so many days in the classroom lost, TCU is exploring options to make up the work. Boschini said officials did not have any specific proposals at the time of publication.

    Student Body President Jackie Wheeler confirmed Spring Break will not be changed. She also said she does not expect the calendar to be changed this week.

    “If there happen to be changes, they would add on days to the end of school,” Wheeler said. “[It wouldn’t] be during Spring Break because people made plans and reservations, and that’s a lot of money going down the drain for TCU students.”

    She said the only TCU requirement is that students have to learn all the material expected for their classes, which is determined by the professors.

    “We missed a lot of school days, but as long as we still learn the material, which we can do without sitting in class, that’s fine,” Wheeler said.

    She said that just because the university had some bad weather doesn’t mean students can’t learn the material. She suggested students can do more homework to make up some of the material.

    Sophomore political science major Hannah Paul said it was good to close school when conditions were bad enough.

    “The snow days have made it complicated with making up school work,” Paul said. “Teachers have been trying to be really flexible, but [the snow] has really put us behind.”

    TCU students, faculty and staff all have dealt with the snow and ice this winter. However, Boschini said not everyone gets to simply enjoy the time off.

    Boschini said TCU had not run into any problems because a lot of people have put in extra time and work. Groundskeepers came in during the previous week to keep ice off of the sidewalks, and workers at Market Square served food to students while campus was closed, he said.

    Wheeler said, “I contacted [Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs] Don Mills and the Provost [Nowell Donovan] during snow days. While they might not be on campus, I know they were still doing all the work they can for TCU students.”

    Faculty Senate Chair Dianna McFarland could not be reached for comment by the time of publication Thursday.