Spice International Cafe


    In Fort Worth’s meat and potato desert, Spice International Cafe is an oasis for the palate.The menu offers multinational selections inspired by a mom and pop duo who own and cook in the cafe.

    Located next to Snookies Bar and Grill, Spice is a fantastic restaurant to start the night.

    Soft fabrics, light colors and bamboo huts create a kitschy yet casual setting for the timely waiters to ebb and flow with tasty tapas ($3-$6) of Brazilian chicken and fried calamari. Many tables are secluded behind draped beads, giving an ambient vibe, while world music plays softly in the background.

    Affordable pricing for elegant dining goes a long way at Spice. Entrees of Spanish chicken in saffron almond sauce and Indian curry vegetables are rich with global influence and are offered in lunch ($7-$9) and dinner-sized portions ($8-$12).

    The Moroccan lamb with lemon and olives was lackluster in its range of flavors, but the Peruvian shrimp cocktail revived my appetite.

    The wait staff was eager to make wine recommendations and did not rush the bill.

    The desserts ($5-$6) are a must, and chocolate lovers will appreciate the dense richness of the chocolate toffee Kahlua mousse.

    For light lunches, a la carte salads ($3-$5) and mixed skewers ($4-$5) are a cheap and flavorful option.

    Specials are not offered, but the ever-changing menu is created to match the season and promise an ethnic tour de taste.

    Having opened its doors in August 2005, Spice has a bit of refinement to undergo but is well on its way to becoming a Hulen Street favorite.

    Reservations are recommended but not required for Friday and Saturday evenings.

    Spice is located at 2747 S. Hulen St.; (817) 922-0809.