Staff Assembly does well to increase service


    As college students, we see a steady barrage of volunteer and community service opportunities. We are told by peers, faculty and staff that it is important to make a difference while we are at TCU, and fortunately, many students take that advice to heart.

    What students probably don’t often consider, however, is that the faculty and staff practice the advice they give.

    Starting today, the university’s Staff Assembly will hold an event at which faculty, staff and students can drop off cell phones at the University Recreation Center. The assembly is holding a drive to give cell phones to children and families without a phone so they can call emergency services.

    In addition to the cell phone drive, Staff Assembly will hold three more service events during the semester: a coat drive, a Halloween candy drive and a toy drive, all of which will benefit children in the area.

    One of the best parts of this is that Staff Assembly plans to have four community service events each semester from now on.

    It is great to see the university’s employees, not just students, getting involved in the community. Staff Assembly created a staff equivalent of TCU LEAPS, one of the foremost student service events on campus.

    Not only does this create more good will for the university in Fort Worth, it also provides an opportunity for students and staff to connect over service goals.

    And when the campus is more unified, the possibilities on what can be achieved are vastly improved.

    News editor Marshall Doig for the editorial board.