Student support encourages teams


    If you’ve ever doubted whether fan appreciation and support is important, just look at what happened to the Horned Frogs football team the past couple of weeks.Two weeks ago, the Frogs gave up 13 points to University of California, Davis, a team ranked No. 19 in Division 1-AA. A week later, the same Frogs team held Texas Tech University, the No. 2 passing offense, to just three points total.

    What’s the difference?

    Against UC Davis, there were just more than 25,000 crowd members in Amon Carter Stadium. In that game, the Frogs, though strong on offense, still saw their defense give up double digits.

    But against Texas Tech, a top 25 Division 1-A opponent known for posting high scores, more than 45,000 watched the Frogs display speed and composure as they dispatched another Big 12 foe.

    A few years ago, former Skiff sports editor Braden Howell wrote that the attendance at games would surge if beer were sold in the stadiums and fans didn’t spend all of their time sitting outside the stadium at tailgates. He wrote that just around the time of one of the more exciting times for TCU: the LaDainian Tomlinson era.

    But fans should not be coaxed into the game with the allure of alcohol inside the fences. They should realize how important their presence is to their team, now 3-0 and looking stronger each week.

    If Saturday’s game was any indicator, fans need to get away from the 30-packs and take their places inside the stadium, where they can cheer on the team that will continue to fight even if the support isn’t there.

    But hopefully, the support that was there this weekend continues because it does make a difference.

    Sports editor Mike Dodd for the editorial board