Students should take advantage of visiting speakers


    Bill White’s daughter, Elena White, came to speak about her father’s campaign yesterday evening. One would have expected a very well-known Texas gubernatorial candidate’s daughter to have been well-received on a college campus because it such an excellent opportunity to hear about the views and stances of one of the main candidates in this year’s election, but it wasn’t.


    Six students attended the event. Such an opportunity provided to the student body here went almost entirely wasted. Students seemed to be completely unaware that she even spoke on campus last night. Maybe it was lack of advertising for the event that led it to be so poorly attended, but someone so well-known and relevant to current Texas politics should have had a larger crowd. Even students who disagree with the views of Bill White would have benefited from attending. They could have asked questions on issues that were of greater concern to them and learned about alternative viewpoints.

    Previous speakers on campus have also been met with poor attendance due to lack of interest in or poor advertising for the event. In the future, when speakers visit our campus, increased promotion and more activism on the part of students could improve attendance, support and interest.

    Multimedia Editor Matt Coffelt for the editorial board.