Students to vote on plus/minus


    Students with an opinion on the plus/minus system will soon have an opportunity to voice it, said the Student Government Association speaker of the house Tuesday.Tori Hutchens, SGA speaker of the house, said students can tell administrators how they feel about the plus/minus system by logging on to between 7 a.m. and noon Thursday and taking a survey regarding the issue.

    Chris Ulmet, a junior computer science major and member of the Student Relations Committee, said students may participate in an opinion poll by responding either for or against the plus/minus system.

    “The survey will be available on, and will have unbiased material and will be very professional,” said Hutchen.

    The survey, set up by the Student Relations Committee, will include information about the plus/minus system, the survey itself and testimonials from both faculty and students about the new grading system.

    “Students will also have the option of reading material that explains how the plus/minus system works,” Ulmet said.

    The faculty and student testimonials consist of four stories from two faculty members, both for and one against the plus/minus system, and one student testimonial in favor of the plus/minus system.

    SGA Communications Director Clint Edwards, a junior geography major, said SGA hopes students participate in the poll.

    “We hope that at least 2,000 people do vote this Thursday at,” he said. “If we get our goal of 2,000, then we will have enough votes to confidently say that this is how TCU students feel about the plus/minus system.