Success of students benefit TCU greatly


    Over the past month, the Daily Skiff has been peppered with stories of enterprising students. In September, senior Brent Skoda was named a finalist in the Global Student Entrepreneur of the Year competition for his unique and successful business, Today, the paper features two different food delivery businesses, both started and run by students.

    It is great to see students who not only work hard enough to run a business while juggling a full load of classes but who are creative in their endeavors.

    While one could easily point to the Neeley school as the source of these entrepreneurs, Skoda often credits his experience as a college athlete for his business, and Horned Frog Delivery’s founder, Luke Walton, is a history major.

    The experience these students are gaining from running a business during college will be beneficial to them no matter what field they go into.

    TCU students are often thought of as entitled for attending an expensive private school, but these students are clear examples of how Horned Frogs are hard-working and enterprising students.

    The success of these student-run businesses is beneficial to the reputation of the university, the business school and all TCU students. These leaders on campus should be commended for their hard work and creativity.

    News Editor Andrea Drusch for the editorial board.