Sudden rainfall gets mixed reactions


    The 24-hour change in weather from Monday’s clear skies to yesterday’s thunderstorms has meant both good and bad things for students and faculty.Melissa Pecorello, a junior psychology major from New York, said she has experienced a lot of rain, but not like the conditions in Texas.

    “The weather patterns here are really weird,” said Pecorello, who commutes everyday. She also said she had a hard time driving on the slippery highways yesterday.

    Eric Brast, assistant director for the ranch management program, said the much needed rain will recharge fields and help some of the fall wheat planting to germinate and grow.

    “We are about 20 inches behind since the fall of 2005,” Brast said.

    Freshman communication studies and religion double major Heather Santi said the rain makes her want to sleep in and not go to class, but she understands why Texas needs the precipitation.

    “Even though I don’t like rain, I am excited it’s raining because I know we need it,” Santi said.

    The rain caused heavy traffic conditions, but no car accidents on campus were reported, said TCU Police Sgt. Mike Hanvey.

    “Unfortunately we issue more fire lane citations than normal,” Hanvey said, “because students tend to park in places where you are not allowed to park since students don’t want to walk in the rain.”

    Today’s forecast is sunny with a high of 84 degrees but tomorrow is expected to be cooler with a high of 67 degrees, according to This weekend there are a few predicted showers, isolated thunderstorms and lows in the 50s.