Take extra steps to avoid being victim of car theft


    During campus tours, incoming students are told “Blue Light” safety phones can be seen from any point on campus.

    It makes sense considering 70 of them are strategically located around campus. Safety has always been a priority at the university and it is evident from services like Froggie-Five-O.

    Increasing surveillance by the Fort Worth Police Department since the rise of car burglaries shows the tremendous effort put forth by the community to ensure everyone’s safety.

    Since Jan. 1, there have been nine off-campus car burglaries, and according to TCU Police statistics, five on-campus car burglaries.

    The Crime Response Team, a Fort Worth police special unit, has been patrolling the neighborhood since last week. It is relieving to see something being done about the recent vehicle burglaries in the area.

    This specific type of crime affects students parking on and off campus. TCU Police Detective Vicki Lawson said off-campus burglaries are more frequent because vehicles are easier to access. Those fences, constructed by TCU, can be a deterrence to burglary, Lawson said.

    Kudos to the university for working to further ensure the safety of its students and their property.

    But students also must take it upon themselves to protect their own property, even in the fenced lots.

    A recent e-mail from TCU Police recommended that students hide all valuables in their cars because most robberies occur when they are left in plain sight.

    Warnings and awareness can only go so far. Students need to take the time to make sure they do all they can to prevent burglary of their vehicles.

    Opinion editor Ana Bak for the editorial board.