TCU alumni build Fort Worth, Texas magazine 2011 dream home


    Two TCU alumni are building the Fort Worth, Texas: The City’s Magazine 2011 dream home.

    Chris Powers Jr. and Andrew Curtis, who have been in real estate for a combined nine years, formed Powers & Curtis in October of last year. By November, they had purchased their first property.

    In December, the magazine selected their plans to be the 5,000 square foot dream home after an interview process.

    “[We} were in the creative phase of designing the home when we got pursued by the magazine,” Curtis said. “They interviewed us for a couple of weeks and looked over our architectural plans and where we wanted to go with the house.”

    Then they were selected.

    The house will be smaller than the typical dream home, but Curtis said he believed that was what buyers would want.

    “It’s a great location that we’ve found,” he said. “It’s going to be a home that’s a great size, smaller yard, not as much to take care of as your typical 10,000 square foot home.”

    Once the property was selected, the company had to make some changes to its design plans. Since the home is going to be featured, the company is adding a full landscaping job, building out the courtyard, upgrading the roof and kitchen, and supplying the home with window treatments, shutters and drapery, Powers said.

    “It’s a little more cost, but it’s something we definitely feel we can get back when we sell it,” he said.

    Powers said the home will be featured in the magazine’s issues from March through October. The October issue will feature the dream home on the cover as well as a feature story, he said.

    The home was scheduled to be completed in July. Then, Powers said, the magazine will take over the home.

    “They hold an open house for four weeks in October,” Powers said. “They also hold certain events at the house.”

    The two men were excited about what the exposure from the magazine and open house will bring for their recently-formed company, they said. After casually knowing one another in college and exploring similar careers, the two decided to collaborate to form the real estate company.

    “We thought, we want to be building, we also want to be investing and the two of us have better minds than one of us,” Powers said. “My interaction with people and buying…on a daily basis and [Andrew’s] expertise in building…can really help produce a good build.”

    The two men have also worked with a veteran construction manager who has built homes in Dallas, Denver, Colo. and Boulder, Colo.

    “With his credibility, combined with our energy and know how, it all kind of came together,” Powers said.

    The young company is looking to purchase another property to build by April and to explore the idea of buying multi-family housing as an investment.

    “We have big goals, and we’ll hopefully follow through,” Powers said.