Team captures national championship


    The women’s equestrian team brought home the gold this weekend after winning the Varsity Equestrian Western National Championship, marking the first time in 25 years a TCU team won a national championship.

    In 1983 the TCU women’s golf team took home the national championship, marking the 14th national championship in TCU history. Just 25 years later, Horned Frog women held up the school’s 15th national trophy, only this time it came from an equestrian team only two years in the making.

    TCU finished the regular 2007-2008 season as the first team to go undefeated in Western Horsemanship and improved to 15-0 on the year with its sweep through the championships.

    In its second year of existence, the TCU equestrian team is the fastest ever to win a national championship in the Varsity Equestrian’s 10-year history.

    This is the second year in a row the Horned Frogs left their mark in the National Championships, becoming the first team to reach the championships in its first season.

    In the championship round the Horned Frogs defeated No. 2-seeded Georgia in a tiebreaker 1027-1026.

    Although Georgia fell to TCU earlier this season in a tiebreaker game, junior Chloe Baker said the team wasn’t cocky going into the championship game.

    “We didn’t know what to expect,” Baker said.

    Baker, who won her match in Horsemanship, said Georgia is well-known for being successful in the Reining and winning the game was a big accomplishment.

    Senior Jessica Bailey, who won her match in Horsemanship, said she has wanted to win a national championship for the past four years.

    Bailey, who rode for Georgia for two years prior to transferring to TCU, said she is happy to achieve a championship title before graduation.

    “It felt really good because I beat my old team,” Bailey said.

    TCU entered the Varsity National Championships ranked No. 1 in Western Horsemanship and received a first-round bye due to its ranking.

    In the first game of the playoffs for TCU, the team defeated Baylor 5-3 in the quarterfinal round, in which Baker was the only Horned Frog to earn a point in the Reining.

    The Horned Frogs defeated Kansas State 5-3 in the semi-finals, advancing the team to the championship game.

    Baker said she can’t believe the team won the national championships.

    “I am still trying to let it just sink in,” she said.