Texas Governor’s book backward-thinking


    Gov. Rick Perry signs copies of his book, “On My Honor: Why the American Values of the Boy Scouts are Worth Fighting for,” today in the TCU Bookstore. The book details what he feels are hypocrisies in liberal agendas, specifically those of the American Civil Liberties Union, which attacks the Boy Scouts of America because of its policies restricting homosexuality and atheism for troop masters.

    Perry wrote the purpose of Boy Scouts is not to engage in debate about these issues.

    While this could be the case, Perry ignores a culture of change, evolving with greater understanding and diversity.

    Restricting one establishment while others are changing would only further any confusion or misgivings children might already have.

    “If … the counterculture activists can take down the Scouts, they will have gone a long way toward imposing a culture of self and moral relativism on the entire nation,” Perry wrote in his book.

    The point activists try to make with tolerance is not to destroy an establishment, but rather to help it adapt.

    It is not an imposition of self or moral relativism, but a desire for future generations to not have the crutches of ignorance that plague the present and past.

    If children are the future, and the future is tolerance, how can an establishment with the sole purpose of building morals, justness and courage take a cowardly and offensive back road?

    With a motto like “Always be Prepared,” how can the Boy Scouts fail to prepare for this undeniable disillusionment in the quality of difference?

    Gov. Perry has his legitimate points regarding the hypocrisy of some liberal institutions such as the ACLU that are “enforcing upon us the tyranny of the minority.”

    But someone has to stick up for the little guy. Someone who enforces what is different is often good.