Texas State Fair should promote healthier food


    Within the past year, the Daily Skiff has published several articles concerning the health, mental or physical, of the university’s student body. With the opening of the State Fair of Texas today, it appears as though the organization’s culinary participants are attempting to undo months of statewide media coverage devoted to educating the public on health risks. Although the fair’s calendar provides details on upcoming activities, the aspect that receives the most media attention is the food.

    Among this year’s offerings are fried beer, deep-fried s’mores Pop-Tarts and, unbelievably, a product marketed as “Fernie’s Fried Club Salad.’ As one of the biggest events in North Texas, the fair has the responsibility of being a societal trendsetter.

    The event has the potential to inform and educate thousands of people about any issue its supporters see fit. Why not healthier eating? Fairground food is not known for its nutritional content, but it is unnecessary to deep fry whatever these “chefs” can get their hands on.

    With childhood obesity on the agenda of nearly every school district in the state, the fair could make a big impact by promoting the values of smarter feasting. Instead of sensationalizing the awe factor of Texas’ deep-fried wonders, the organization could actively promote healthier lifestyle choices. As good as deep-fried cookie dough may sound, a generation of healthy Americans sounds better.