Time off should be used wisely


    After a week of winter weather that caused four days of canceled classes, the university is almost back to normal.

    Missing four days in a semester that only has 70 days of normal class time is a lot, but the cancellations were unavoidable. Student, faculty and staff safety should be the most important consideration when determining whether to keep the university open, and in this case it looks like the university made the right call.

    That said, with the high price of tuition and class time already at a premium, let’s hope students and faculty made the best use of their time off.

    Whether that meant time spent studying to get caught up or to get ahead on coursework or playing in the snow and relaxing to recharge for the rest of the semester was a personal preference. Hopefully, it was a combination of both.

    With more bad weather looming in the forecast this week, the university should continue to make campus safety the highest priority, and faculty and students should make the most of the class time they have. In the event of more campus closures, the university community should remember to make the most of that time as well, however that may be.

    Managing editor Mark Bell for the editorial board.