Trip to Cuba will allow students to live out mission statement


    While most students are home for the holidays this December, the TCU Jazz Ensemble will represent the university as one of the first American bands allowed to perform in Cuba in almost half a century. The band was invited by Harmony International after making a stellar performance at the company’s Texas Music Educators Conference earlier this year.

    An opportunity like this is unique and commendable for many reasons. It is a huge honor to be selected for a trip to a country most adults have not had the opportunity to visit since the U.S. banned travel to Cuba in 1963.

    In this case, the U.S. State Department approved special visas for the band, an exception the department makes for reasons such as educational trips.

    The novelty of visiting Cuba is especially exciting for Horned Frogs, who live by a mission statement of striving to become ethical leaders in the global community.

    Being allowed to travel to this part of the world gives those students an opportunity to represent both the TCU and all American college students to a group of people who are relatively unfamiliar with American youth. This kind of educational experience benefits both parties through the cultural exchange of music and lifestyles.

    Congratulations for earning such an exceptional opportunity. We are sure the band will represent the Horned Frog family with style and grace.

    News Editor Andrea Drusch for the editorial board.