University gives GrandMarc firm students’ e-mails


    TCU’s e-mail woes might not get any better this week.For marketing purposes, TCU administration provided the e-mail addresses of future junior and senior students to the Dallas-based firm in charge of promoting the GrandMarc at Westberry Place, said the project manager for the firm.

    “The developer and the contractor work very closely with TCU,” said Julie Ratcliff, project manager at kREED Company.

    Ratcliff said she wasn’t sure whether Don Mills, vice chancellor for student affairs, provided the e-mail addresses, but added Mills has been closely involved with the promotion of the GrandMarc.

    Although Mills said TCU did give the e-mail addresses, he said he thinks no harm was done because TCU is in a partnership with the GrandMarc.

    Mills said the partnership will help TCU achieve its goal of having two-thirds of students, about 4,800, living on campus. Mills added that about 3,100 students currently live on campus.

    Mills said Phoenix Property Company will own the building and operate the business while TCU will own the land.

    Dave Edmondson, associate provost for information services, said TCU does not give out students’ e-mail addresses for promotional purposes.

    “We don’t do that,” Edmondson said.

    However, when asked about the possibility that TCU might have provided students’ contact information, Edmondson was slow to respond.

    “I have no knowledge of that,” Edmondson said, in between pauses.

    Edmondson added that the administration would have had to work with him in order to provide the information.

    Ratcliff said some of the e-mail addresses came from students who signed up for more information about the GrandMarc at the apartment complex’s Web site.

    Chancellor Victor Boschini did not return phone calls by the time of publication.