University students raise money to help high schoolers


    Students from a local high school will be touring the university campus today as part of a scholarship competition organized by university students, a student helping to raise money for the scholarship said.

    Junior communication studies major Meredith Woolsey said students in her group discussion class, taught by adjunct professor in the communication studies department Carie Kapellusch, are raising money for a scholarship along with an advanced public speaking class to be awarded to students at Eastern Hills High School at the end of the semester.

    Woolsey said the class was given an assignment to raise money this semester for a scholarship called STRIVE TCU.

    The class was divided up into five groups, with each of the groups in charge of different aspects of the scholarship, but all were working together to help raise money, Woolsey said.

    Senior advertising and public relations major Olivia Boyce, whose group is in charge of fundraising, said that to apply for the scholarship, the students must write an essay about what they got out of their experience on the tour at TCU.

    All students from high school freshmen to juniors are allowed to apply for the scholarship, Boyce said. The criteria for awarding the scholarship has yet to be set.

    The goal for Boyce’s group is to raise $1,000 to help benefit students at the school, she said. The group has not yet decided whether it would be more beneficial to buy three netbooks for the school or to use the money for a scholarship for a student.