Upcoming cold front offers little relief


    Record-breaking heat welcomed students as they set off for their first day of classes.
    According to the National Weather Service, Monday’s temperature reached a high of 107 degrees, the hottest day of the year in North Texas.

    High temperatures were in the triple digits for 23 out of the past 24 days in the Fort Worth area, according to the weather service. The average temperature for this time of year usually stays in the mid 90s.

    Junior engineering major Dawson Brown said he did not enjoy the heat.

    “The weather has been scorching,” he said. “I feel like I could boil water in my car,” he said.
    Junior strategic communication major Shelby Atchison, however, said the heat was just part of summer.

    “I think the weather has been beautiful and hot,” she said. “I am from California so I am used to 100 degree days. I wish it was less humid because that is what makes the weather seem miserable.”

    However, relief from the heat could not be far off. The weather service reported a cold front moving into the area Tuesday, bringing with it a slight chance of thunderstorms in the evening.

    The cold front was predicted to lower the high temperature to about 99 degrees Tuesday.
    Sophomore strategic communication major Audrey Taylor said she would like even cooler weather.

    “That’s sad that a cold front only lowers the temperature to 99 degrees,” Taylor said. “I’m ready for the fall weather to be here.”

    The cold front was predicted to continue into the rest of the week with temperatures in the low 90s forecast through Sunday.