Video – Gas Drilling Making “Noise”



    The sound of the drilling rigs are bothering residents. Some wonder if they are even environmentally safe.

    Drilling for natural gas has become very common in Fort Worth, and rigs have been placed all over the city.

    A city official said there are approximately 1,100 natural gas sites in Fort Worth and to resident LaBetta Wallenmeyer, that number seems like a lot.

    “I didn’t realize there were that many,” Wallenmeyer said. “I don’t know how they work and how far spaced they have to be, that does seem like a lot to me.”
    One of the rigs was placed next to Wallenmeyer’s home and the noise was bothersome, “The rig was not immediately behind me but not far behind me and actually the noise was quite significant,” she said.
    City officials said a 300-foot by 300-foot padded wall is placed around the rig for the comfort of people near by to block out noise and dust.
    Wallenmeyer said the 600 foot distance from any residence, church or public building that is city requires is not enough.
    “I’m not sure about the different ground pollution and that sort of thing because it is significantly close to the school, as well as to me,” she said.
    City officials said they are not sure what damage the rigs will cause to the environment but they plan on setting up a committee to look into it.
    However, they said drilling for natural gas is more environmentally friendly than drilling for oil.
    The drilling rig only lasts 20-30 days, but the smaller more permanent rig is put in its place and could stay there up to 20 years.
    The smaller rig requires a lot less activity and should not bother the civilians, city officials said.

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