Winningest former player returns as head tennis coach


    A former TCU men’s tennis player was recently hired to take over as head coach for the men’s tennis team.

    David Roditi played for the men’s team from 1993 to 1996 and still holds the record as the winningest player in TCU history, according to

    “Dave is a true Horned Frog and an excellent fit to lead our men’s tennis program,” Chris Del Conte, director of intercollegiate athletics, said in a statement. “We have no doubt his passion for TCU will carry into a successful coaching career.”

    Senior co-captain Christopher Price said he is excited to have someone with such a successful background coach the team.

    Roditi said the opportunity was very unique and special. He said to be a great player at a university and to now lead the program as head coach is an experience not many coaches get.

    “It’s not just a job, my heart is into it, my head is into it,” Roditi said.

    Roditi said this unique situation has given him added motivation for the team. He said he would like to see the program do well whether he is a part of it or not.

    As a player at TCU, Roditi was known for his love of competition. He said he knew that mentality would come across in his coaching.

    Roditi said he wanted his program to have the reputation of a group of guys that love to compete and are high energy. Another goal was to bring the TCU men’s tennis program back to the national scene.

    Price said the goal of the team is to be in the Top 25 and make the Sweet 16 of the NCAA. Last season the team was named Mountain West Conference tournament champs.

    “We’re not satisfied with last season; we want to do more,” he said.

    Price said he is confident that Roditi will be able to take the team back into the national spotlight. He said that his team is motivated and energized by its accomplishments but wants to become better.

    “He’s been there, he’s done it,” Price said.

    Roditi said he thought there was a sense of urgency and pride for the team to perform better during the upcoming season.